FUNGLASS integration in photonic devices and components addresses one of the most crucial challenges in research and innovation which lies in the design and manufacturing of optical components and systems. Among the materials used in photonic devices, glasses play a central role: they are used as laser sources, lenses, smart screen, optical fibers and specialty fibers to name a few. FUNGLASS breakthrough relies on the control of nano/micro processing and 3D printing of glass by laser writing or poling, offering extraordinary opportunities for fabrication of elementary building-blocks such as multimaterial optical fibers with unique topology, morphology and novel properties for the design of integrated multifunctional components and devices.

FUNGLASS proposes interdisciplinary European scale staff exchange programme with unique positioning on laser/field 3D nano/micro patterning and functionalizing of novel photonic glass materials allowing fabrication of sophisticated components and systems on their own. The involvement of large international centers with state of the art facilities for developing photonics components will enable provision of the required skills for developing a career in the private sector, as an entrepreneur, a CEO, a chief of R&D department etc. The involvement of international experienced and recognized professors, experienced researchers, involved in the project will also ensure that early stage reseachers are prepared for a career in research excellence. Moreover, the strong lasting links between those centers allow the popup for an unpreceded international network in photonics and material. This proposal will contribute to sustain this network by the creation of joint unit laboratory between participants.