Femtosecond Direct Laser Writing of Silver Clusters in Phosphate Glasses for X-ray Spatially-Resolved Dosimetry

Category : Publications | Date : Mar 11, 2022

Joelle Harb, Théo Guérineau, Adriana Morana, Arnaud Meyer, Guillaume Raffy,
André Del Guerzo, Youcef Ouerdane, Aziz Boukente, Sylvain Girar, Thierry Cardina,
Yannick Petit and Lionel Canioni

Chemosensors 2022, 10(3) 110


Radio-photoluminescence in silver-doped phosphate glasses has been extensively used for X-ray dosimetry. In this paper, we present the potential of silver clusters for X-ray spatially resolved dosimetry. Those clusters are generated in phosphate glasses containing a high concentration of silver oxide by femtosecond direct laser writing technique. Two phosphate glasses of different compositions were investigated. First, the spectroscopic properties of the pristine glasses were studied after X-ray irradiation at different doses to assess their dosimetry potential. Second, the impact of X-rays on the three-dimensional inscribed silver clusters has been analyzed using several spectroscopies methods. Our analysis highlights the resilience of embedded silver clusters acting as local probes of the deposited doses. We demonstrate that these inscribed glasses can define the range and sensitivity of X-ray doses and consider the realization of spatially-resolved dosimeters.