MID-TERM MEETING – September 15, 2020

Category : Events | Date : Sep 11, 2020


The MTM is a contractual obligation in the scope of MSCA-RISE projects. It assesses the fulfilment of all aspects (scientific, management, networking, etc.) described in the Annex I-Description of the Action (DoA) of the Grant Agreement.

As such, the MTM should be understood as a constructive dialogue between the project participants and the REA Project Officer and is a valuable source of feedback to both the consortium and the REA.

The Project Coordinator, the representatives of the Beneficiaries and Partner Organisa-tions, as well as all the Experienced Researchers (ERs) and Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) included in the secondment plan must attend the meeting. The project Officer from the EU/Research Executive Agency (REA) is also participating.